HEX DEC Описание
0x7001 28673 Approve with ID
0x7005 28677 System Error
0x7014 28692 Successful transaction; used to indicate a negative balance in Field 4 on a Balance Inquiry
0x705F 28767 Reconcile Error
0x7064 28772 Do not honor transaction
0x7065 28773 Expired Card
0x7067 28775 Call Issuer
0x7068 28776 Card is restricted
0x7069 28777 Call security
0x706A 28778 Excessive pin failures
0x706B 28779 Call Issuer
0x706D 28781 Invalid merchant ID
0x706E 28782 Cannot process amount
0x706F 28783 Invalid account — retry
0x7074 28788 Insufficient funds — retry
0x7075 28789 Incorrect Pin
0x7076 28790 Forced post, no account on file
0x7077 28791 Transaction not permitted by law
0x7078 28792 Not permitted
0x7079 28793 Withdrawal limit exceeded — retry
0x707B 28795 Limit reached for total number of transactions in cycle
0x707D 28797 Bad Card
0x707E 28798 Pin processing error
0x707F 28799 Pin processing error
0x7080 28800 Pin processing error
0x70C8 28872 Invalid card
0x70C9 28873 Card expired
0x70CA 28874 Invalid card
0x70CB 28875 Call security
0x70CC 28876 Account restricted
0x70CD 28877 Call security
0x70CE 28878 Invalid Pin
0x70D0 28880 Lost Card
0x70D1 28881 Stolen Card
0x7385 29573 Invalid payment parameters
0x7386 29574 Invalid transaction — retry
0x7387 29575 Transaction needs to be entered again
0x7388 29576 The message received was not within standards
0x7389 29577 Issuing institution is unknown
0x738B 29579 Issuer inoperative
0x738C 29580 Issuing institution is unknown
0x738D 29581 System malfunction
0x738E 29582 Issuer inoperative
0x738F 29583 SmartVista FE has no knowledge of any attempt to either authorize or deny the transaction.
0x7390 29584 Time out waiting for response
0x7391 29585 Duplicate transaction received
0x7392 29586 Could not find the original transaction
0x7393 29587 Amount being reversed is greater than original, or no amount being reversed
0x7394 29588 Debts not found
0x7398 29592 Pin processing error
0x739B 29595 Request in progress
0x73AC 29612 Pick up card, special condition
0x7FFF 32767 Cancelled by user